Latinx @ UVA

Latinx @ UVA

La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc.

La Unidad Latina Lambda Upsilon Fraternity, Incorporated strives to become the premier Latino Fraternity in the country. More specifically, they strive to become a nationally recognized Latino fraternal organization comprised of the best and brightest leaders committed to excellence in service and education.

Since its inception in 1982, La Unidad Latina has remained on the vanguard of political and community empowerment by developing influential leaders that strive to exert knowledge and power in its peers in order to attain mutual success. The organization commits itself to academic excellence, leadership development, and cultural enlightenment.


La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Incorporated primarily seeks to take a leadership role in meeting the needs of the Latino community through academic achievement, cultural awareness, community service and promotion of the Latino culture and people.

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Founding year: 

Founding line: December 10th, 1999.

Officially recognized by UVA: February 2000


Alpha Line, Fall 1999, Las Seis Caras de Solidaridad

Elmer Campos

Cameron DeBerry

Shoaib Afridi

Sakwa Sidney Bunyasi

Eduardo J. Gonzalez

Fadi Shamma


LUL was founded to address the needs of the Latino community. The Latinx population was only 2% at UVA back in 1999, and members believed that this organization would provide an avenue and voice for the Latino community.

At the time of its creation, there were only 4 chapters of LUL in the region (Rho, Phi, Chi and Alpha Delta). The 6 founding hermanos created a joint chapter with VCU until VCU split from the UVA chapter in the spring of 2009. Only two Founding Hermanos identified as Latinx. Five Founding Hermanos spoke Spanish (this is something that brought the interest group together at UVA between 1998 and 1999). Founding Hermanos heard about LUL from information sessions at GMU. OPB, the first Latinx Greek-Lettered organization, also helped to recruit interests for La Unidad Latina at UVA. The deans for UVA’s founding line came from the University of Maryland, College Park - La Unidad Latina’s Phi Chapter (Juan Sempertegui) and from George Mason University, La Unidad Latina’s Alpha Delta Chapter (Walter Lozada).


The LUL chapter at UVA has been dormant since 2017. In order to start back up, there must be an interest group of 5 people, research must be conducted for the fraternity in order to be recognized, and they must be taken in by the Multicultural Greek Council. The chapter would undergo a probationary period in which newly joined members would have to adhere to specific guidelines and participate as part of the Multicultural Greek Council before receiving approval.


  • Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. was one of the organizations that founded the Fraternity and Sorority Council, later renamed the Multicultural Greek Council.
  • Prior to its dormancy, anywhere from 1-4 members gained admittance into LUL each year. The organization’s main goals are philanthropy through the Providing Access to Higher Education initiative. This initiative ensures that Latinos and other minority groups have access to education.
  • Additionally, LUL has hosted events such as a discussion about how gender identities and machismo were viewed in the Latinx community in 2007, an event to recognize same-sex marriage legislation, and a panel on addressing the state of Latinos lack of minority representation at UVA. Lastly, LUL worked to open the Kaleidoscope room - a multi-purpose space to bring together different communities of color.

Information collected through interviews with alumni Jonathan Diaz, Wilson Ventura, and Jason Puryear.