Latinx @ UVA

Latinx @ UVA

Bolivar Network

The Bolivar Network strives to form a strong and lasting Latino/Hispanic alumni base, establish family, promote community development and achievements, insure a professional network, provide student scholarships, and serve to reconnect alumni to the University and its memories.


The Bolivar Network’s mission has three distinct pillars:

  • Undergraduate Mentoring: building a program through workshops and networking to help and support undergraduate students get the most out of UVA and the network of alumni to have a successful career and life
  • Alumni Connection and Networking: building a network where alumni can benefit from each other’s business connections and UVA’s talent pipeline, both resulting in business growth
  • Scholarship and Fundraising: supporting outstanding Hispanic/Latino students in attending UVA 

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Alexandra Minoff (CO’ 2000)


The Bolivar Network was inspired by the Ridley African American Scholarship Fund at the University and founded by a second-year student, Alexandra Minoff. Alexandra worked closely with Alumni Hall, where the idea was spearheaded to go through yearbooks to find Latino alumni because the University record keeping did not have this data recorded.

Alexandra served as the president of La Sociedad Hispanica (now Latinx Student Alliance), so The Bolivar Network’s first board meeting was held in October of 1997 through La Sociedad Hispanica. While Alexandra served as the founder of the Bolivar Network, the organization would not have been successful without the dedication of Gina Marie Flores (CO’ 2000) and Claudia Knez (CO’ 2000) who served as executive board members of La Sociedad Hispanica during this time. Additionally, Alexandra credits the efforts of Gina and Hernando Herrera, former Chairman (CO’ 1989) for being instrumental in contributing to the vision of The Bolivar Network.


The Bolivar Network's name was inspired by the Bolivar Family. Fernando Bolivar, Simon Bolivar’s nephew, attended the University in 1827 because he and his uncles were both admirers of Jefferson and his ideas about freedom and democracy. The U.Va. Board resolution cites Fernando Bolivar as “an early exemplar of the strong and historic ties between the University and Latino America” and the goal of La Bolivar Network is to grow and strengthen this bond by enriching students and alumni experiences, careers, and lives.


The organization is comprised of Board members as well as a network of alumni who work to foster and sustain a strong Latino alumni network at UVA.


  • The Bolivar Network’s goal is to provide a full scholarship for a deserving Latino student. Until this goal is reached, the organization continues to support Latino leaders at the University by providing them with La Bolivar Network Book Scholarship, an award that was created in 2004. Recipients of this award stand out in academic achievement, leadership, and service both on and off Grounds.

  • The organization also works to foster connections with incoming and current Latino students at the University by sharing career experiences with students, calling and congratulating admitted Latino students, and serving as mentors for undergraduate Latino students.

  • Information collected through Gina Marie Flores (CO’ 2000) as well as archives and website.